Digital Technologies for BRP-Rotax Aircraft Engines

BRP-Rotax announced the cooperation with LLS Ltd. from Israel, offering their application for service, maintenance, training, and sales activities for the worldwide network as well as the coding of a product configuration tool. This step opens a multitude of advantages building a bridge between the physical world and a variety of possibilities of XR-technologies like AR and VR.

Whether in plant engineering and construction, architecture and medicine or in the automotive and aviation industry, XR technologies are offering a wide potential for new applications. These new technologies are used to simplify and optimize processes, to increase the learning effect and efficiency in education and training and facilitate and maintenance processes and product development through realistic product visualization.

Peter Ölsinger, GM BRP-Rotax, Member of the Management Board, VP Sales, Marketing RPS-Business & Communications states about the new co-operation: “As one of the worldwide leading producers of aircraft piston engines, BRP-Rotax has sold more than 190.000 aircraft engines since 1973 resulting in a global fleet of more than 50.000 4-stroke engines. This success is a result of permanent development and research in new technologies to improve the products and to react to the needs of the worldwide aircraft market. As a logical next step BRP-Rotax is now also investing in customer-friendly, future-oriented technologies to ease the service, maintenance and training for their high-quality engines.

Modern Industrial Factory: Mechanical Engineer Wearing Virtual Reality Headset, Holding Controllers, Uses VR technology for Industrial Design, Development and Prototyping in CAD Software on Computer.

BRP-Rotax has selected LLS Ltd., a company which has developed the software tool, a SaaS (software as a service) solution which builds a bridge between the physical world and the variety of possibilities of the virtual world using XR-technologies.  Within the cooperation LLS Ltd. is offering software licenses for to distributors, training institutes, flight schools, service centers or other interested parties while BRP-Rotax is providing the 3D-models and technical details of its engine line up.

Once installed, the user can benefit from the vast possibilities of the virtual reality by following workflows, training guides and service procedures.  All of this can be shared with teams across the globe,  using various operating systems and devices like desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, mobile phones or AR/VR headsets.

Using the software with AR/VR-technology allows for time and location independent trainings and meetings for the global workforce and distribution network, gives the freedom to share procedures for service technicians within shortest time and therefore helps to reduce travel and other operational expenses. For training purposes, a digital twin of the engine visualizes the theory of operation, visualizes repair and maintenance procedures and enables every participant to execute the training content on the virtual model in shortest time.

Furthermore, the user can share more detailed sequences on the engines with interested customer and explain the complete engine and operations with people around the world at any time and any location. This empowers the sales and service workforce to react much faster and easier to inquiries and helps to complete projects with less costs and time.

A further step toward a digital future is provided with the product configuration tool programmed by LLS Ltd, which will be implemented into the website and offers several features. The product configurator includes all Rotax aircraft engine models with a 360° degree view and enables the user to choose from various configurations, save the configuration, send it via email or contact the local distributor to receive more information or a quote.

Itzhak Pichadze, LLS ltd. CEO: “LLS ltd. is honored to have a leading company like BRP- Rotax as a strategic partner in the aerospace market. We appreciate Rotax’s openness to innovation and new technologies and trust that will  transform the training and support of Rotax distributers worldwide to the modern virtual world”.

BRP-Rotax and LLS Ltd. are truly proud to announce their cooperation for this virtual foresight and are convinced that these technologies will bring an ease for the training, service & maintenance as well as sales of the successful ROTAX aircraft engines.

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