HENSOLDT investigates modernisation of Eurofighter self-protection system

HENSOLDT, the sensor solution provider has been commissioned by the German procurement authority BAAINBw to investigate the modernisation and performance enhancement of the Eurofighter self-protection system in a multi-year study.

The BAAINBw’s study mandate aims to ensure the Eurofighter’s assertiveness and survivability even against the most modern threats, such as long-range integrated air defence systems and highly agile radars. At the same time, new cyber security requirements, the use of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) components and the new Eurofighter design and development standards will be considered. The results of the investigations will be worked out in close cooperation with the German Air Force and regularly presented to the customer by means of hardware and software demonstrations.

While the existing Eurofighter self-protection system is being continuously improved with various individual measures, preparations for a comprehensive weapon system update have begun with the Eurofighter Long Term Evolution (LTE) programme to ensure operational capability well into the 21st century and for future adaptations. To this end, the EuroDASS consortium (Leonardo UK, Elettronica, Indra, HENSOLDT) has developed a redesign of the self-protection system under the name Praetorian eVolution (eVo for short).

“We are pleased to be able to support and accelerate the four-nation LTE programme and the maturity of the targeted new Praetorian eVo self-protection system with this investigative contract,” said Celia Pelaz, HENSOLDT’s chief strategy officer and head of the Spectrum Dominance/Airborne Solutions division.

The existing Praetorian self-protection system protects the Eurofighter from radar- and infrared-guided missiles. The integrated sensor and jamming equipment also provides a precise situation picture and enables state-of-the-art electronic deception techniques. HENSOLDT has been a member of the EuroDASS consortium for decades and is involved in the development of Praetorian eVo. As a specialist in EloKa applications, HENSOLDT has supplied self-protection suites for helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft to customers all over the world, among others. With ‘Kalaetron’, HENSOLDT has a fully digitalised product family of sensors and jammers for electromagnetic signals.

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