Russia introduces Tornado-family rocket launchers to market

 The Russian Missile Troops and Artillery receive the Tornado-family multiple rocket launch (MRL) systems, the Ministry of Defense announced. Meanwhile, at the international level Russia’s Rosoboronexport is currently marketing Tornado-G 122 mm and Tornado-S 300 mm MRLs – the country’s latest rocket artillery developments incorporating new technologies and experience of the use of the renowned BM-21 Grad MRL for more than 50 years.

The producer and developer of these systems is the Rostec’s Technodinamika holding company. One of the major fields of Technodinamika’s work is enabling the latest Russian MRL systems guide the rockets at flight with keeping the balance of their gunpowder to body mass ratio at increased range of fire.

The Tornado-G 122 mm system is much more effective than the Grad in combat effectiveness; the ratio of gunpowder mass to body mass in a new rocket is improved by 10 times (nevertheless the system keeps its ability to use the rockets of the previous generation as well). Remote control equipment and an automated fire control system are located in the cabin of the combat vehicle.

The heavier Tornado-S 300 mm MRL is developed on the base of the renowned Smerch system. It has dramatically improved characteristics, in particular, significantly increased firing range and accuracy. The projectile control system is based on a platformless inertial navigation system with support for satellite navigation onboard equipment, which enables aiming of each rocket at a separate object even at a multiple launch.

The maximum firing range has been increased 1.7 times. The circular error probable for the guided missiles is significantly less. The personnel involved in the firing processes has been reduced by 5 times. There is the capability to fire a salvo of one combat vehicle against several targets without moving the package of guides. The time of readiness to fire from the moment of receiving data on the target has been reduced to 75 seconds. The time for a full salvo is 33 seconds. Possible are both single launches, as well as shootings with a full or incomplete salvo.

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