Singapore Airshow 2022: IAI Displays Blue Spear Surface-to-Surface Missile System


Singapore: For the first time, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is displaying the cutting-edge BLUE SPEAR (5G SSM) surface-to-surface missile.

The system, co-developed with Singapore’s leading defence company ST Engineering and marketed by joint venture company Proteus Advanced Systems, highlights the companies’ superior capabilities in both naval and air defence.

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Marking an important moment for IAI and its partners, the BLUE SPEAR (5G SSM) is appearing on display for the first time in IAI’s booth at one of Asia’s most influential defence exhibitions, the Singapore Airshow.

Boaz Levy, IAI President and CEO, said, “In partnership with Singapore’s leading defence company ST Engineering, IAI co-developed the most advanced surface-to-surface missile system with unparalleled capabilities. The BLUE SPEAR’s inaugural display in IAI’s booth at the Singapore Airshow highlights IAI’s successful heritage developing naval and air defence solutions, and offering highly competitive and advanced holistic systems to the worldwide market. Just a few months ago, Estonia selected the BLUE SPEAR (5G SSM) as a solution for the country’s defence needs. The system now joins other IAI state-of-the-art systems that are on display, reflecting IAI’s decades-long legacy producing advanced, operationally-proven technologies.”

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About the BLUE SPEAR (5G SSM)

The BLUE SPEAR (5G SSM) system is an advanced member of the next generation surface-to-surface missile system that is built on the battle-proven Gabriel missile family heritage. This missile system delivers an agile, highly penetrative, combined anti-ship and land attack capability with a range of 290 km at high sub-sonic speed.

It deploys a state-of-the-art radar seeker and advanced weapon control system to provide precise target detection and engagement. It can operate under all weather conditions, during both day and night. It has beyond the line of sight strike capabilities against both mobile and stationary targets, and offers both sea-based and land-based launch options.

Against countermeasures of increasing sophistication, the missile is able to locate and attack its target in littoral, open-ocean and overland environments, and is especially designed to prevail in contested, congested and complex situations.

The BLUE SPEAR (5G SSM) also offers significant Military Off-the-Shelf Solution (MOTS) advantages in terms of cost, time-to-procurement, entry into operational service, and risk reduction.

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