Flyer Defense to Showcase Innovative Mobility and Modular Capabilities WDS

Flyer Defense, a leading provider of mission-specialized tactical wheeled vehicles is  displaying the Flyer 72-Heavy Duty ground mobility vehicle at WDS. Flyer vehicles are currently in use by some of the world’s most elite armed forces, including the United States Special Operations Command and the United Arab Emirates Presidential Guard Command, and stand as a testament to Flyer Defense’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that seamlessly integrate unparalleled mobility, payload capacity, and modular design.

As part of a versatile family of highly mobile and modular ground mobility platforms, the Flyer vehicle is airdrop certified and internally and externally air transportable by the CH-47 helicopter (up to two internal or external) and various fixed wing transport aircraft. Boasting an extensive range of customization options, the Flyer is seamlessly adapted to meet the unique requirements of various users and mission profiles.

“Flyer Defense offers more than just a vehicle, but rather a platform with an incredible range of configurability,” said Director of Business Development, Robert Rice. “This makes it possible to tailor our solutions to meet the dynamic and evolving needs of modern warfare, empowering military forces to adapt, innovate, and excel in diverse mission scenarios.”

Engineered for the diverse and demanding needs of military operations, the Flyer vehicle featured exceptional mobility, facilitating swift navigation through challenging terrain. With an impressive 1:1 payload capacity, the Flyer vehicle particularly excels in harsh conditions including the desert, emerging as a reliable choice for operations in arid, sandy, and mountainous landscapes.

“Flyer Defense has been a steadfast partner for the U.S. Army, special operations forces, and global allies,” said CEO Oded Nechushtan. “We are excited to showcase our capabilities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and demonstrate our commitment to offering lightweight tactical wheeled vehicles to expanded markets.”

The Flyer vehicle will be on display at Stand L5.3.

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